As winter weather turns nasty, timely snow removal services in Sioux City are more important than ever. Spahn’s winter maintenance services can help.

salting services keep sidewalks safeWhether you manage a large company or small business, Spahn’s Property Solutions offers complete winter property maintenance operations as part of its commercial business services.

Our services help maintain a safe property, reduce potential for accidents, and improve safety for employees and customers.

How do timely snow and salting services help your company?

  • Snow removal helps keep employee and customer parking space open, and you open for business.
  • Salting services can reduce the possibility for slips, trips and falls on sidewalks, entry ways and steps. This benefits both your employees and customers.
  • Our services may help to reduce, but not eliminate, the possibility of a legal issue arising because of an injury.

Because Spahn’s is a long-time provider of commercial services to companies across Siouxland, we stand by our reputation. Our goal is to be the leading property solution company providing quality service to our clients in the commercial industry. Our customers regularly remind us that we’re keeping up those standards.

“I have used Spahn’s Cleaning for the last two years at our shopping center in Sioux City and have never had better service. Austin and his crew were on-site clearing the snow and de-icing immediately. My property was always free of ice and snow. In two years I have never received one tenant complaint or had to call Spahn’s and ask them to come back to the property for any reason. The pride and dedication that Austin Spahn takes in his work is truly exceptional.”

Sandi Hollingsworth

Property manager

A trusted commercial service provider

Spahn’s can be trusted to make sure your business property, parking and entry ways are clean and safe when winter weather strikes. Our professional employees each have more than a decade of experience in the industry. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you the best quality service every time. And we sweat the details on every job.

With complete winter snow and salting services, we’re here to help provide a safe working and business environment every day for you and your customers.

Whether it’s a commercial to residential service, we’re happy to provide customer references.

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