About Us

In June of 2012, I launched Spahn’s Carpet Cleaning when I was just 16 years old with $10,000 I had saved from bagging groceries at Fareway here in Siouxland.

At first, I was going to use the money to buy a motorcycle. However, my dad suggested I consider investing it or starting a business. I researched what it would take to start a business, and soon discovered a company that made it easy to start a carpet shampoo company. They had video tutorials that helped me understand their shampoo equipment.

The business really took off about two months after I bought my first carpet cleaning machine. I was a junior at East High working at Hy-Vee as a cook and Scheels as a cashier and I did the carpet cleaning after 4 p.m. on my free weeknights.

After a year of juggling school, two jobs and my own company, I quit one of the jobs and hired friends from East High to help me grow my carpet cleaning business.

I did not have enough money to purchase a truck for my shampoo equipment but I had a car. I would remove the backseat out of my Mazda Millenia and lug all my equipment from house to house. After my 1st year in business I sold my car and purchased a 1998 F150 two-wheel drive to haul all my shampoo equipment. My school schedule changed my senior year, and some days, I would shampoo carpets all day long. Above all, my business kept growing. In November 2013, I upgraded to a newer F150 with four wheel drive with cash I had saved up.

Expanded to Commercial Business’

In 2015, We changed the name of Spahn’s Carpet Cleaning to Spahn’s Cleaning LLC. We focused primarily on building our commercial side of the business adding services to help apartment complexes such as unit cleanings and paintings. I hired on employees, and took on many different apartment complexes across Siouxland, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

As a result of our growth on our 10th year anniversary 2022 we formed the business into a corporation, I’m excited to take on the name Spahn’s Property Solutions and expand to provide a full suite of commercial property management services. In conclusion, know that our focus hasn’t changed. I look forward to serving the community for many years to come.

Austin Spahn, Owner

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