As many companies and retail operations transition back to work, COVID-19 commercial cleaning services in Sioux City are more important than ever.

Long before a pandemic changed our lives, Spahn’s Cleaning offered office sanitizing as part of its commercial business services. Now, those same services are helping reduce the spread of this virus. And, they help protect the safety of employees and customers.

So what do our office cleaning services include?

office cleaning in sioux cityWe offer a variety of options, including commercial and residential cleaning, painting, and carpet cleaning. As a result, each of these services helps rid your business of germs, odor and blemishes that can impact your image.

We are often asked why it’s important to perform a regular office cleaning. Here are a number of ways that your business could be impacted as a result of COVID 19:

  • If you recently reopened your business doors to employees, a safe working environment is essential to keep your team healthy and safe.
  • If you regularly welcome customers in an office setting, you are opening up the potential to harm those who support you. Regular cleaning can rid your space of germs that can harm outside visitors.
  • If you’re a retail business that welcomes many customers each day, the potential to infect others rises without regular cleaning.
  • If you have an internal cleaning service, you are liable for your own employees’ well being. As an outside vendor, Spahn’s can help reduce your company’s exposure to legal concerns.

Our goal is to be the best cleaning company in the eyes of our customers. With complete COVID-19 office sanitizing services, we’re here to provide a safe working and business environment every day.

State-of-the-art equipment

Because we use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you the best quality service every time, Spahn’s can be trusted to make sure your office or retail space is ready for business every day. Our professional employees each have more than a decade of experience in the industry. And, we sweat the details on every job.

Don’t take it from us – our customers say it best: “I would recommend Spahn’s to everybody. Austin was very professional and his cleaning system is amazing!” – Chris K.

Whether it’s a commercial to residential service, we’re happy to provide customer references at your request.

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