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Home Cleaning in Sioux City

There is Nothing Like the Smell of a Clean Home

Imagine arriving home to the sweet smell of a freshly cleaned home.  A relaxed feeling ensues as you sit back on your couch, knowing you don’t have to clean today!  Spahns Cleaning provides Sioux City homeowners a stress-free experience of a clean home. (712)898-7885

At Spahns Cleaning, we are focused on providing an exceptional home cleaning service, with the well-being of your family in mind.  We have made it our mission to use green cleaning products whenever possible.  The integration of green cleaning products into our process also assists in cutting down on waste in landfills.  With our customer-centered philosophy, we have earned the trust of many Sioux City homeowners who love and trust our home cleaning services.

Spahns Cleaning uses a distinctive fragrance, which is unique to our company, so you know its Spahn Clean.

What to Expect with Spahn Home Cleaning – Sioux City

Sometimes homeowners only need occasional cleaning, usually before a holiday or other event at their Sioux City home.  Others require regularly scheduled cleaning.  Either way, finding the right cleaning company that will do the job right and your home will actually be clean is an intimidating task.  Whom can you trust?  In Sioux City, many homeowners have trusted the reliable service provider, Spahns Cleaning, helping us be number one in Sioux City.  All you need to do is fill out our estimate form, and we’ll give you a call, or you simply call us at (712)898-7885  [make phone # click to call]

Once the appointment is set, our professional team will arrive at your home and begin cleaning.  No cleaning product to supply, and you don’t need to be home.  Spahns Cleaning has all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment with us.

Regular Sioux City Home Cleanings

You do not want to spend your precious days off sweeping, mopping, and dusting!  There are plenty of other things you could be doing.  Let Spahsn Cleaning take the pressure off and free up your time.  You won’t be worried about cleaning any longer.

With Spahns Cleaning expert house cleaning services, say hello to your weekends and goodbye to allergens, dust, and bacteria.  Your home will be comfortable and safe.

One-Time Home Cleanings for Sioux City Residents

Holidays tend to sneak up, and the task of cleaning the house is just too daunting and you don’t have the time.  Yet, you need the house to look sparkling clean before guests arrive.  What do you do?  Scramble and try to get it done yourself or remove the stress and contact Spahns Cleaning for a one-time cleaning service?

One-time cleanings are perfect for many reasons, but most Sioux City customers schedule them before hosting a family event or as part of their spring-cleaning routine.

Spahns Home Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Standard Tasks
    • General tidying
    • Dust windowsills, decorative items, wall hangings, blinds, ceiling fans, and furniture
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Vacuum all floors
  • Extra Touches
    • Vacuum family room furniture
    • Empty wastebaskets and place trash in outside receptacle
  • Deep Cleaning (additional fees apply)
    • Spot clean walls
    • Wipe down woodwork, including baseboards, door frames, windowsills, cabinet exteriors, and paneling
    • Clean interior windows, sliding glass doors, and French doors
    • Clean underneath area rugs
    • Clean underneath/behind the light, movable furniture

Yes, services can be adjusted according to the needs of each home.  Please let our experts know if you have any special requests or requirements.

Make your Sioux City home Spahn Clean!  Complete our estimate request or simply call our office.  You will not be disappointed.

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